Founded in 2006

After being in the financial services industry for his first year, founder John Peregoy decided to take the business to the next level by incorporating and branding the clever name “NEST EGG SPERTS”…a play on words modifying the word experts to “eggsperts”. The name pretty much describes who we strive to be daily since 2006.

Keeping up with a highly regulated, ever changing industry is challenging. To the consumer, we realized early that knowing what you need to know is confusing and difficult to learn. Our company has always prided itself in being a trusted source for the answers you need…when you need them…with zero customer dissatisfaction tolerance from the beginning.

Leader in Life Insurance

In the early days, our focus was mainly on protecting mortgages with innovative life insurance products that offered a return of your premium option. John was a top 10 producer with his insurance marketing organization in the first year. In his second year, he became #1. The reason? After being in the field for a couple of months, John noticed a trend of people who had not only purchased a new home, but had recently changed jobs also. This presented another need for his clients – a need to roll their 401k plans into something safe without fees. So John learned everything possible to help those who were willing to listen.

Radio Show pioneer

After seeing the potential and learning the industry rules and regulations, the company then set out to mass educate the local area about the safety plus potential high yield of Fixed Indexed Annuities. Some of his first clients made over 20% in the very first year without any market risk and the world needed to know it.¬† Having no prior experience or knowledge of how to even get on the radio, the company produced a very popular weekly show just by pure good education and enthusiasm that was infectious. John produced the entire program himself. He learned how to use the equipment and editing software and hired professional voices to do his introductions. Business took off…his message:”Lock in your gains – storm is coming!” You can hear some of the early programs by clicking here.

Joined Consolidated Underwriters

In 2011, John was approached by a large marketing corporation to help teach the knowledge he had acquired and to help other agents like himself become successful. Nesteggsperts has since been responsible for growing financial advisors businesses as well as his own practice. The company has a team that just develops marketing programs for agents with cutting edge strategies that engage potential customers through education.

Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor

Also in 2011, our founder realized that he must stay ahead of the competition by constant self improvement and education. John set out to get his CRPC professional designation. This training opened his eyes to other needs in the community such as small business pension plans, Medicare, and social security timing. With this education and expertise, Nesteggsperts set itself clearly apart from all local competition.

Licensed Medicare Agency

With the awarding of the CRPC designation, the company clearly knew that there was a void in the practice. As our customers retired, we were not able to help them with other senior concerns. There money was safe…for sure…but we were not licensed to advise them with their healthcare needs in retirement.

In an unbelievably complicated area, we had to learn not only the regulations of Medicare, but how to teach a client what was right for them. Not only that, we had to become become proficient in being able to take their prescriptions and recommend the best plan for them….without making a commission! If our mission statement was to be true, our goal was to teach…not to make a commission.

This was by far the most complicated educational process we had to undertake. This area of retirement planning and senior needs was and still is very time consuming. However, to help save time, we offered live Medicare educational workshops. We recorded the presentation and now offer it online through a separate websites dedicated only to Medicare  and senior education Р and

Senior Benefits Life

Realizing that the name Nesteggsperts suggests that we deal only with people’s money, we decided to create a way to distinguish the various lines of business that we offer. We started with Life and Annuities but now offer Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, Final Expense Insurance, Retirement Planning services. So we launched a website in 2014 called We also registered the dba name in the county that we domicile. Simply put, website focuses on how to grow and protect the nest egg, and deals with everything else SENIOR and RETIREMENT related.

YouTube popularity

In keeping with our mission statement, we have developed a very good presence on YouTube. In 2013, our founder decided to make an educational video to help our existing clients understand their Medicare choices better. Having no experience in video production (because his face is for radio! lol), John recorded a 16 minute video entitled “The Untold Truth About Your Medicare Decisions”. The video took some time to edit. After a week we sent it to our clients.

Someone in the industry saw it and said that we should upload it to YouTube and make it public. Since we had nothing to lose, we did. The rest is history. Now…almost 4 years later… we have had over 40,000 views and calls from all over the country. That video is ranked #1 when you search YouTube for Medicare Supplement Quotes. We have produced many more and also rank #1 when you search Medicare Education.


John Peregoy - Founder, CEO

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