We Offer Professional Help In These Areas:

  • One-on-One Retirement Planning Consultation

John and Mike together has 40 years of combined experience in the financial services industry.

Mike Lee is a diversified Retirement Planning and Legacy preservation specialist serving the needs of individuals, business owners, and their families. Their mission is to preserve, protect, and grow the wealth their clients have worked a lifetime to build. Mikes dedication to best-in-class services is rooted in his never-ending commitment to putting each client’s interest first. He has mentored other agents across the country and is well respected in the industry as an expert in his field. Mike holds licenses in over 40 states.

John Peregoy received his CRPC designation in 2011.  Yet since Nesteggsperts was founded in 2007, no client has ever lost money due to a market decline. In fact, clients have yielded as high as 26% in a single calendar year. Most recently, even though the safe money market yields are slightly lower, we have managed to make double digit interest in most accounts in 2017.

During the crash of 2008, not one account lost money. We specialize in safe money only! In addition, many plans that we offer will credit a cash bonus of up to 10% into your account on day one! comfortable with the decisions you are making that will affect the final stage of your life is paramount.

We encourage our clients to compare, but educate on the comparison. For example: MOST financial services products have a way to give you “what if” illustrations based on hypothetical scenarios…which is perfectly legal. These figures NEVER look bad. They paint a very rosy picture. However, almost always when we define the terms and help you understand how they come up with the figures, you quickly realize that even though this could happen….chances are slim that it will.

We give you WORSE CASE ONLY!.. but then show you actual customer statement of what did happen in good markets, and what did happen in bad markets.No hype. All safety. We know if you can live with worse case, that the growth aspect of the products we use will over-deliver the majority of the time! For the majority of clients ( those with income planning and 401k/IRA rollover needs) we don’t charge a fee for the consultation. However, advanced retirement planning may incur a fee which will be disclosed and agreed upon prior to meeting and will be lower than the industry standard. AND ….WE NEVER DO BUSINESS ON THE FIRST APPOINTMENT.

Retirement Planning isn’t just about your money. Below are other subjects you must address in order to have a worry free retirement.

  • Social Security Timing

Ask most people on the street when they think you should start taking your Social Security benefits and the coffee shop answer will be AGE 62. Retirement planners know mistakes here prove costly later.

There are strategies available that most aren’t aware of. Did you know you can file benefits off of a divorced spouse? Did you know that you can take spousal benefits and let yours continue to grow? Did you know that every year you wait, your benefit check will increase by 8%? Where else can you get that kind of return guaranteed?

We offer a free Social Security Choices optimization report to those who schedule a retirement planning session. The report is valued at $180 and shows the impact based on average life expectancy, longer than average life expectancy, and shorter than average life expectancy.

It is estimated that your biggest asset in retirement is your social security. Chose wisely. Get help. Here’s a 10 minute video we found from an expert in the subject:

  • Medicare

We see more mistakes made here than in any other area. Not all people have saved for retirement. But when you turn 65, no matter if you have or not, you will be introduced to the Medicare system.


At first glance, it seems harmless. Just enroll…right? When you get sick…just pull out your card and you’re fine…right? Well maybe…

No one ever stops and thinks about this before hand: If you are knew you’re going to be healthy, then no insurance would be the best thing for you financially. So if there is a problem when your Medicare choices, you don’t find out until you get sick. Guess what…that’s too late!

Hint: Typically consumers don’t realize how much money they can lose until the market starts going down either. After the stock market gets sick is not a good time to review your portfolio. Sorry…back to Medicare.

When you first enroll in Medicare, you can get any plan you want with any company you want without any medical questions. After that, you could be asked medical question if you want to change. So…if you’re sick, you could be denied.

There’s other concerns beside your Medical treatment facilities and doctors. How about your prescriptions (Part D)? There are over 20 different Part D providers in this state. each one is totally different with different co-pays, premiums, and deductibles. Also some drugs in one plan are covered and some are not. How do you know which is right for you?

We have made it easy for you by offering a free online Medicare educational seminar. If you come in for an appointment, we’ll give you a DVD to take home with you. It’s nothing that you can learn in 15 minutes so don’t try to shortcut the learning.  We’ve had rave reviews when we do it live! Here is an overview of what you will learn:

  • Market Risk

When we ask potential clients the question “How much money are you willing to lose?”, we always hear the answer NONE! That’s interesting because almost everyone who comes in has their portfolio in something that mirrors the market movement.

We say “Risk is OK as long as you are willing to accept it. And…you won’t find it here”. When you are in the ACCUMULATION PHASE of your retirement, market risk is really a necessary evil. However, when get within 5 years of retirement, it’s time to act on reducing or eliminating the risk. Most people with common sense know this…but when they attempt to reduce market exposure they unknowingly run into a conflict of interest that is a very hard obstacle to overcome.

The obstacle becomes the advisor who manages your money! You see, in the accumulation phase you have an accumulation advisor..who teaches and preaches accumulate, accumulate, accumulate. The conflict of interest becomes when you get out of the market, you effectively cut their paycheck. Think about it. Have you ever known someone who got the call that said “I think it would be a good idea for you to sell all of your portfolio and get to cash?” No…and you won’t either. Because cash doesn’t pay a commission. Furthermore, when you want to take money out (even if you are in risk), you are cutting their paycheck.

There is a way to get out of market risk and still be able to make a reasonable rate of return.
We do it everyday. Without fees or sales commissions deducted from your hard earned money.

  • Collateral Protection

When someone makes a collateralized purchase (borrow money against real estate or machinery), rarely do they stop to think what would happen if they became ill and couldn’t pay for the loan or worse…died while still being in debt. We have a department dedicated to educating, placement and field underwriting of these types of insurance needs.

We’re not just talking about life insurance! Yes..you do need life insurance coverage on this. However did you know that the newer life policies have FREE riders that will allow you to access the death benefit WITHOUT having to die. You can get up to 80% of the death benefit if you become Terminally, Critically or Chronically ill with many of these policies. You can get this benefit in either PERMANENT life insurance or TERM life.

  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income

During the accumulation phase of retirement (while we are still working), we are taught by the media and wall street to think that the accumulation of assets is of paramount importance. Problem is…we are never taught to stop thinking that. When you retire, you DO NOT NEED ASSETS. YOU NEED INCOME! Not just income, guaranteed lifetime income.

Assets can be lost, stolen, swindled, sued, divorced, or lost in a market crash. In order to have a stress-free retirement, you must be sure that you’re not going to run out of money no matter what. That is where we specialize. In addition to the security of never running out of money, we can provide participation in MARKET UPSIDE that can enhance the amount that will be left to your beneficiaries if you die prematurely. Many people think, lifetime income guarantees mean that you if you die your family gets nothing. In all of the variable annuities and spia’s (immediate annuities) that  we’ve ever seen, that might be the case if you have exercised the income option. We don’t use those products to guarantee income. 

  • Long Term Care Costs


The cost of long term care can crack and scramble a nest egg! The increased cost of Long Term Care in an approved nursing facility has become astronomical. So much so that insurance carriers are scrambling to be able to pay claims because they did not account for the inflationary affect. Many carriers have left the market and only a few remain. Thus, the premiums are now out of reach even for most middle class families. Still, the cost of a long term stay is exponentially higher than the cost of the premiums.

In addition, the baby boomers are now being renamed “The Sandwich Generation”. This term comes from the fact that most baby boomers find themselves sandwiched between college tuition costs and having to pay for parental care. With the advances in medical care, parents are just plain living longer. However, their quality of life hasn’t improved and many of the baby boomers parent didn’t properly calculate longevity risk.

There is HOPE!

Many of the newer IRA FIA’s have riders that will allow for the need for increased income if a person is no longer able to care for themselves. In fact, with most long term care insurance plans, you must go into a nursing facility in order to collect benefits. With some of the better income riders, your income will DOUBLE if you lose activities of daily living (ADLs). Which means, you can stay at home and collect benefits! This is just another reason to look into a safe money option with guaranteed lifetime income.

  • Final Expense

Let’s face it. Many working people count their employer sponsored life insurance plan as being protected for their untimely death. Big mistake.

Here’s why…

We all know you don’t have to be 100 years old to die. So let’s say that the possibility exists that you die at age 50, which is during your productive working years. If you had to guess, what would you guess your reason for death would be at age 50? For most people, it might be an accident . However, it could be of sickness. Now let’s say it’s of a terminal illness, such as cancer, ALS, MS, or the like. Do you think you will work until you die with that type of illness? YOU WON”T PHYSICALLY BE ABLE TO. So you will have to quit your job and thus lose all of your employer benefits. This is why group life insurance is so cheap. It’s because it’s more likely that you will die of an accident while being employed than by sickness while being employed. Accidental death insurance is ridiculously cheap.But it only pays if you die as a result of an accident.

Because of this scenario, most working people don’t realize the need for permanent life insurance until they are older and see this happen to someone else they know. By this time, permanent policies are way too expensive for the same amount of coverage they were used to at their employer. A typical permanent policy for $250,000 for someone age 60 easily will cost $500 per month in premiums ( a nice car payment).

The solution: Final Expense insurance.

Even though the face amounts aren’t that high, you can get affordable permanent life insurance that should cover the cost of burial plus some extra.  The medical questions are a lot more lenient than those with typical fully underwritten policies and also build cash value. We have several top rated carriers that offer this type of insurance. Give us a call today.