John Peregoy

Founder & CEO
John is the founder of Nesteggsperts, Inc., home of He is also the Vice President of Maji Investments Inc. After studying financial markets of all types for 15 years, John quickly realized that buy and hold would not work for the majority of people saving for their retirement. It took too much time and one mistake could send you back to square one. All the experts agree that there shouldn’t be any risk in your retirement portfolio….John is no different. John started in the financial services industry 13 years ago…quickly becoming the top producer for 3 years in a row with Investors Financial Group. After helping many of his clients grow and protect their nest egg with a little known government approved product, he decided to take that message to the airways in 2007. During the Crash of 2008, John saved millions of dollars for his clients’ portfolios in losses. The very next year most of his clients yielded between 5% and 15% interest. While others who didn’t listen, are still not back to even yet. None of his clients have ever lost a dime due to the market going down or the financial institution failing. Can your advisor say that? John has a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor designation and holds licenses Series 3 and 34, and is insurance licensed in 5 states. John and his wife Sherry live in Dunn, NC and have 5 children and 6 grandchildren. John is an active member of Antioch PFWB Church in Erwin, NC.

Debbie Raynor

Collateral Protection and Medicare Specialist
Debbie has been in the insurance and financial services industry for the past 15 years. The question Debbie has most heard in this profession is “can I afford to do this?” Debbie’s answer is always “can you afford not to?” Her passion for the industry developed because she helped many provide a planned level of security for their families in the event of a loss or tragedy. Her service oriented background ironically was reciprocated recently when Debbie’s husband died UNEXPECTEDLY. It was then her efforts to plan for a secure future were realized. Knowing life can change for any of us in an instant helps her to compel others to be proactive for the financial future. A successful business woman, Debbie now lives in Cary, NC and has a daughter, 5 grandsons and 2 granddaughters.

Donna Winters

Licensing and Contracting
Donna is the liaison between our carriers and our agency. A vital part of every IMO, she’s one of the best in the business. With 12 years experience in the insurance industry, she is responsible for keeping up with all of the latest regulations and making sure we are up-to-date. Donna is an active member of Antioch Baptist Church in Falcon, NC. Donna and her husband Johnny have one son and live in Dunn, NC.

John Dupree

President of Consolidated Underwriters
We owe a large part of our success to John Dupree. His talents in this business are way past what a typical insurance marketing company sees. He helps agents all over the US grow their business. To have him here on a daily basis is certainly a luxury. He has relationships with all of the major carriers and knows what’s trending in the insurance world. In addition to his 20 years experience in the insurance industry, he is an avid singer and musician and has his own band. He serves as chairman of the board at Cape Fear Christian Academy in Erwin. He and his wife Ashley attend Grove Presbyterian Church in Dunn. They have two daughters.